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Investing in a Stairlift: The Myths & Truths

It doesn’t mean you’re getting older, nor does it mean that you’re any less of the person you used to be. Suffering from limited mobility and needing assistance travelling around your home and navigating the stairs is simply a factor of life. However, this isn’t something you should suffer from and it shouldn’t affect your quality of life. Choosing to invest in a stairlift can help you to regain your independence, eliminate the risk of falls and injuries, and simply [...]


Choosing Your Stairlift In Kendal

Choosing a stairlift can be a confusing and complicated process. Affordable Mobility has an extensive range of stairlifts available which will meet your individual requirements. It is completely understandable if you are feeling put off by the process, but installing a stairlift in your home could be the solution you are looking for. With a huge range of stairlifts available to you when you want to find the perfect solution to freely climb your stairs, you are likely considering all [...]

Stairlift Installers Preston

Stairlifts Leigh

Affordable Mobility supply high quality straight or curved stannah stairlifts in Leigh.   We also service, repair & remove any make & model of stannah stairlift. So for your free no obligation Leigh home survey  Call us free on 0800 077 3204 Affordable Mobility are proud to be an authorised independent stannah stairlift Supplier, Offering a wide selection of new and reconditioned stannah stairlift styles. Furthermore we can offer you the latest products from Stannah Stairlifts. For all kinds of staircases, straight or curved, narrow or wide. Stannah [...]


Old Age & Reduced Mobility – At What Point Should You Consider Getting A Stairlift? 

Ageing is an inevitable process which we will all go through in our lives. As we grow older our bodies will start to show signs of the life we have led and flexibility, speed, strength and manoeuvrability will tend to decrease over time. This is not as ominous as it may sound as you can still enjoy the things that you like doing in your life but living with reduced mobility just means that you need to take steps [...]


Stairlifts Carlisle – Approved Stannah Dealers

Approved Stannah Dealers   The team at Affordable Mobility provide a comprehensive range of straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts for a variety of homes. You can arrange for one of our friendly consultants to visit you at your home and discuss your requirements for a new stair lift. In summary our expert stairlift consultant will carry out a comprehensive survey of your property and staircase and provide you with a report on the most suitable stair lift for your home. Straight stairlifts in Carlisle Straight [...]

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Stairlifts Stoke-On-Trent – 5 Essential Stairlift Safety Tips

Stairlifts Stoke-On-Trent – 5 Essential Stairlift Safety Tips Stairlifts offer those with limited or reduced mobility a viable, smooth and reliable way to enjoy the entirety of their home. This is a hugely understated benefit because it essentially allows those users to be independent within the comfort of their own home which is very important for self-esteem, autonomy and mental health. Stairlifts also mean that those living with mobility issues don’t need to completely re-route their life to move into [...]


Reasons Why A Stairlift Extended Warranty Package Is Essential

Stairlifts are complex pieces of equipment that have many moving parts and undergo a lot of use day-to-day, therefore it is advisable that you undergo regular servicing once every year to check that your lift is functioning correctly and that there are no major breakdown faults about to occur. At Affordable Mobility, we have been providing quality Stannah stairlifts to clients across Lancashire for a considerable amount of time. Our staff and engineers have all spent varying lengths of [...]


Physical Training For Those With Low Mobility: Part 2 – Cardio

Last month we blogged about the importance of physical activity in terms of the mental and bodily benefits it brings regardless of your physical condition. We also demonstrated that physical activity is completely feasible even for those with lower mobility through a handful of chair-based strength exercises designed to maintain a healthy muscle mass. Having covered a good selection of resistance based tips and tricks in April, part 2 will see us look at a selection of cardiovascular-based exercises. [...]

Lady in wheelchair

Physical Training For Those With Low Mobility: Part 1

Our bodies are extremely responsive to external stimuli whether this is growing stronger as a result of regular physical exercise, or even functioning more healthily due to eating a balanced diet. Above all, even the slightest form of physical activity has been proven to prolong life, as well as have a tremendous effect on mental wellbeing, reduce stress and provide focus. The best part of all is that these fantastic benefits are available to all including individuals with physical [...]


Top 10 Tips – Staying Healthy in Old Age

Top 10 Tips on Staying Healthy in Old Age – Presented by Affordable Mobility Although we may want things to be different, one thing that is inevitable in life is the ageing process. Although we cannot stop the ageing process, there are steps that we can take to promote our physical and mental wellbeing. With people living longer, it is also becoming more and more important to maintain mental and physical health. There is equipment available (such as installing a [...]