Each new Stannah stairlift comes with a two-year comprehensive warranty, while reconditioned stairlifts come with a 12-month warranty. Rental stairlifts include servicing and maintenance call-outs for the duration of the agreed rental period.

No, Stannah Dealer’s no-obligation written quotations are only provided following a visit to your home by one of our trained consultants. They will assess the suitability of your staircase and discuss which type of lift would be best for you, answering any questions or concerns you may have.

The running costs of our stairlifts are extremely low, comparable to an average kitchen appliance, depending on your electricity provider.

Stannah stairlifts qualify for zero rating providing the user is disabled or suffer from a chronic illness.

As each Stannah product is tailored to suit the specific needs of each customer, exact prices can vary depending on staircase dimensions, selected model and additional extras.

To arrange a completely free, no-obligation assessment by one of our trained consultants, including a personal written quotation, please contact Stannah Dealer.

Yes, as long as your staircase tread has a width of 690mm or more. In any circumstance where fitting a stairlift would compromise staircase use for able bodied users, our assessors will not recommend installation.

Our engineers will always aim to cause the least disruption when fitting your stairlift and as Stannah lifts are not attached to the wall, we can often avoid the requirement to remove handrails. For individual cases, our assessors will advise on whether or not removal of any handrails is needed, prior to discussing any no-obligation quote.

As all our stairlifts are attached to the tread of the stairs and not the wall, there’s no need to worry about your wall supporting its weight.

You won’t need to redecorate, as our engineers will attach your stairlift to your stairs, not your wall, with the minimum mess or disruption.

In just a few hours, your Stannah stairlift will be installed with the minimum of fuss – quickly, conveniently and with your home left by our engineers in exactly the same condition as they find it.

We offer an annual service agreement for your stairlift and we can also offer an extended warranty package if required. Keeping your stairlift serviced regularly is the best way to keep in tip top condition!

The lift will stop if an obstruction is sensed; this will allow the obstruction to be moved.

Stannah stairlifts are battery powered, so they will continue to work even if your home loses power.

Provided that the user is able to bend their legs enough to safely use the stairlift, getting on and off is a simple exercise.

If the user cannot bend their knees we do have other seating options such as the Sadler. Our assessors can advise in more detail whether you will be able to use our products.

Not at all, our stairlifts are virtually noiseless, thanks to their battery powered motor, which also ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

The travelling speed of our stairlifts does not vary. It’s around 100-150 mm per second.

The maximum weight limit for stairlifts can vary. Generally the maximum weight limit for a standard straight stairlift is 25st (160 kg) and a curved stairlift is 21 stone (133 kg)