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Stairlifts St Helens

Purchasing Stairlifts in St Helens Discussed by Affordable Mobility The modern stairlift is an innovative invention that can help you access the upper levels of your property should you be finding it difficult to climb the stairs. With a range of different stairlifts available from the Stannah range, it’s easily possible for you to choose the stairlift that suits you and helps you take back your independence. If you are temporarily finding it difficult to climb the stairs or are [...]


Stairlifts Blackpool

Purchasing From a Range of Stairlifts in Blackpool Discussed by Affordable Mobility Installing a stairlift can completely change the way in which you can access and navigate your property. If you are finding that it is very difficult to access your stairs then you more than likely have been considering a solution. Moving into a different property that does not contain a staircase or moving into a room on the ground floor isn’t the most ideal solution for many homeowners [...]


Stairlifts Liverpool

Purchasing a Stannah Stairlift in Liverpool from Affordable Mobility With the wonderful modern innovations that are a key feature in modern stairlifts, there are a variety of products that can help you climb your staircase if it has become a daily struggle. With the range of Stannah stairlifts that are available, you are able to choose a stairlift with all of the features that you need to be able to access the upper levels of your property. Affordable [...]


Installing a Stairlift

Installing a Stairlift Discussed by Affordable Mobility When considering a new stairlift for their property, a very common question that a lot of people ask is “will I benefit from a stairlift?” Your stairlift is designed to ensure that your staircase is no longer an obstacle and that you are able to access the stairs easily. When the stairs become an obstacle rather than a way to access other levels of your home, this can be frustrating and may make [...]


History of Stairlifts

Stairlift Technology – A History of Stairlifts Presented by Affordable Mobility The modern stairlift is highly advanced and has come a long way since the first stairlift was invented in the 1920s. Initially invented as a way for C.C. Crispen (a self-taught engineer) to help his ailing friend travel from floor to floor, the prototype that he developed would begin the mechanical feat of modernising the stairlift and making it even safer and more secure for the user. Affordable Mobility [...]


Stairlifts Bolton

Stairlifts in Bolton Discussed by Affordable Mobility When you are considering purchasing a stairlift, you likely have a number of questions about the type of stairlift that you need or if you require a stairlift. With the amount of stairlifts that are on the market as well as the styles of stairlift that are available, there’s a number of stairlifts to consider and if you’re unsure that you need a stairlift then this can also be a challenging consideration. At [...]