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Stairlifts Preston

Stairlifts Preston

Stairlifts PrestonFinding it difficult to navigate the stairs can be a problem, especially if you only have an upstairs bathroom. Relying on travelling upstairs multiple times every day can become quite the chore. There’s no need to worry, or panic, as a smart investment into a reliable and affordable stair lift will allow you to maintain complete freedom and independence without the hassle of having to look for a new home. At Affordable Mobility, our stair lift experts are here to help you make the best decision when it comes to buying stairlifts Preston.

In this article, we’ll explore some basic tips that can help you find the perfect stair lift for you home. Our experts are always on hand to help discuss stairlift prices, installations, and even stairlift repairs. Contact our friendly team today on 01200 444254.

Stannah Stairlifts 

So, what stairlift is right for you and your home? This can often be quite a confusing and time-consuming process as people generally don’t know where to begin searching for stairlift companies. With an abundance of information available online for Stannah stairlifts and other stairlift prices, it’s important to understand how quality is reflected in the price.

At Affordable Mobility, we’re proud to be an approved provider of Stannah stairlifts. With a wide range of Stannah stairlifts to choose from, we can offer the latest chair lifts at a great price. As one of the highest quality stair lifts available, the Stannah stairlift will make home life easy and reliable.

Types of stairlifts Preston

The very first consideration is the type of stairlift you will be looking to install on your stairs. There are two main of stairlifts available – straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. Depending on how your stairs are built will depend on the type of stairlift you require. If your stairs go straight up to the landing then you’ll need to install a straight model, but for curved stairs, you’ll require one of our curved models. We often have customers enquire who have oddly shaped stairs, and their main concern is the shape of their stairs and whether they can actually have a stairlift installed.

If you have unusually shaped stairs, one of our engineers will carry out a comprehensive site visit and check the space for suitability. We’re able to install stairlifts for spiral, half and even quarter landing staircases – our curved stairlifts can also be installed to reach multiple floors within your home. 

Curved stairlifts can often be custom built if you have a particularly unusual staircase structure, and will often take longer to plan and install. They can also be more expensive to install compared to your standard straight stairlifts Preston service. 

Stairlift Installation Options

Stannah Stairlift Installation Preston

The September edition of our blog post investigates the types of installation options that are available for your stairlift and which may be best suited for your requirements.

When thinking about choosing your stairlift, there are a variety of installation options that may be appropriate for your situation. We will always arrange for a consultant to visit your property after you initially speak to our sales team to arrange for a free, no obligation quotation. In this survey, we will take measurements of your staircase as well as discuss your personal requirements and which installation option may be appropriate. One of the installation options that is available is arranging for the rental of your stairlift. When carrying out the survey for your rented stairlift, we will treat this survey as if you were purchasing a brand new stairlift. Renting a stairlift may be appropriate for if you want a temporary solution to access your staircase or if you are a first time user of a stairlift. You can use your rented stairlift to see how your stairlift benefits you and thus decide on arranging for a more permanent installation. You can choose to rent your stairlift for one month or for many months and decide when your stairlift is taken away. We will also arrange for the servicing of your stairlift so you do not have to worry about arranging for the servicing of your stairlift. If you do want to purchase your stairlift after rental then we can arrange for you to purchase your stairlift for a price that benefits both you and Affordable Mobility. But what are the more permanent installation options that are available?

Reconditioned or New Stairlifts?

Reconditioned stairlifts are a more permanent installation (until you arrange or decide to remove your stairlift) which effectively allows you to install a pre-owned stairlift which has been reconditioned to the quality of a new Stannah stairlift. Our reconditioned stairlifts are only approved once they receive the reconditioned Stannah badge of approval, only after passing our vigorous testing and quality standard checks. This means that you are purchasing a reconditioned Stannah stairlift that is just as good as a new Stannah stairlift. Purchasing a new Stannah stairlift allows you to choose all of the individual design options and features completely to your requirements. You are able to purchase a reconditioned straight stairlift as well as a reconditioned curved stairlift along with a new straight stairlift and reconditioned curved stairlift. As our rails are bespoke to your design requirements, you will have a stairlift that is specifically designed and catered to your staircase and to your personal needs. Whichever installation option is most appropriate for your requirements, we can help you install the perfect stairlift for you. Enquire with our friendly sales team today to discuss your requirements and to arrange for a free, no obligation quotation when one of our surveyors visits your property to take measurements of your staircase and discuss your requirements further.

Choosing a Stannah Stairlift

New Stannah Stairlift Warrington

The October edition of our stairlifts article helps you choose your new stairlift and decide on your new stairlift when taking all of the additional aspects into consideration.

Discussing the options that are available to you as well as considering all of the various options is very important when considering your new stairlift. During the visit in which our technicians will visit your property, you will be able to tell them your requirements as well as discuss what you will need from your new stairlift. They will also take the relevant measurements of your staircase for the construction of the rail that will attach your stairlift to your staircase. As there are a range of Stannah stairlifts available, they will be able to advise you on the Stannah stairlift that is most appropriate for your situation and property. There’s other options that you can choose when picking your new stairlift and these options can also help you in operating or using your stairlift. Choosing the right model depends on whether you have a curved or straight staircase and as mentioned, different models will have different features that could be of real benefit to you. It’s also possible to speak to a friend or family member that has used a stairlift or has a stairlift already installed in their property. This can help you find out more information on what it’s like to own a stairlift as well as find out about the features that they use and which features would benefit you.

Choosing Additional Stairlift Features

It’s important to consider additional stairlifts that may benefit you and your requirements. Choosing the right additional features can very much improve the experience that you have when using your stairlift. If you do not have the best balance for example then you can opt for the footrest to be folded via a link to the arm or seat or even with an automatic button in the arm of the stairlift, rather than having to bend down when using your stairlift. Due to the fact that there are a great deal of features, it’s important to discuss all of these with our technician who will discuss all of the additional features with you completely so that you can compare models and the features that they have to offer. When choosing these features you could again speak to a family member or friend that has used some of these additional features. You are also able to read customer testimonials for those who may have similar potential issues and how they have found using the features that are available with their Stannah stairlift. If you do wish to find out more about the additional features that are available with our Stannah stairlifts then it’s highly recommended to contact one of our expert, professional and friendly team. We are more than happy to discuss the ideal options with you as well as discuss which additional options are available with our Stannah stairlifts. Contact us today to find out more!

Stairlifts Preston – Prices

Stairlift prices PrestonAt Affordable Mobility, our range of straight stairlifts are available from £1,895 and our curved stairlifts are available from £2,999. All homes are unique and user needs will vary – this will have an impact on the type of stairlift you require which will also be reflected in the price. We take great pride in our stair lift prices, and we ensure customers are provided with a solution that best matches their needs.

So, how much does a stairlift cost? There are various factors that influence overall stairlift costs, and our friendly consultants will consider multiple factors when providing you with a quote. These considerations range from the type of stairlift you require to small adjustments such as radiator removal and windowsill trimming. After a comprehensive analysis of your stairs, our consultant will provide you with an accurate stair lift price. This includes planning and installation and you can expect to receive a one-year free warranty on our reconditioned stair lift, and 2-year free warranty on our new stairlifts Preston service.

To request a quote for all Stannah stairlifts Preston, get in touch with our friendly team of consultants today on 01200 444254. All installations come with our expert aftercare and security service and we also provide a 24/7 call out service for emergencies – all backed with the Stannah Promise.

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