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Stairlifts Bolton

Stairlifts Bolton

Stairlifts in Bolton Discussed by Affordable Mobility

Stairlifts Bolton

When you are considering purchasing a stairlift, you likely have a number of questions about the type of stairlift that you need or if you require a stairlift. With the amount of stairlifts that are on the market as well as the styles of stairlift that are available, there’s a number of stairlifts to consider and if you’re unsure that you need a stairlift then this can also be a challenging consideration. At Affordable Mobility, our team of highly skilled and friendly technicians have worked in the stairlifts industry for many years. This has allowed us to support our customers on all of the needs that they may have, letting them choose a stairlift that’s perfect for them and letting them keep their independence. In this article, we will discuss how to know if you need a stairlift as well as which types of stairlift may be suitable for your requirements. If you are interested in finding out more about stairlifts in Bolton or if you are looking to purchase from a range of Stannah stairlifts in Bolton then ensure that you contact Affordable Mobility today or telephone our team directly now on: 0800 084 3283.

Do I Need a Stairlift?

One of the arguably most important considerations when thinking about purchasing a stairlift is do you actually need one, especially as they are a significant investment. A stairlift can be a very liberating and can maintain independence in the home. Thinking about how you get around the home and how many times you access the stairs can begin the considerations as to whether you require a stairlift. If you find that it’s difficult for you to climb the stairs and that you have to access the stairs frequently then you should definitely consider purchasing, installing and using a stairlift. If you have a temporary injury that is inhibiting your ability to climb the stairs then you may be concerned that you have to purchase a stairlift for a short period of time. Affordable Mobility offer stairlift rentals for your property which is ideal for individuals who do not need a permanent stairlift installed in their property. If you are finding access areas such as bedrooms and lavatories difficult to access from your stairs then you can also consider creating a downstairs room whilst having a stairlift for when you need to climb the stairs. If you do decide that a starlit is appropriate then you can contact our team of specialist technicians to arrange a visit to your property with a no obligation quotation.

Deciding on the Right Stairlift For You

Choosing the right stairlift is another aspect that you will need to think about when looking for a stairlift as a means for easier access to your staircase. Deciding on the right stairlift for your requirements is highly important and doing so will let you fully take advantage of your stairlift. The right stairlift can help you use the stairs safely whilst giving you the energy to activities that you enjoy. Purchasing the right stairlift removes your stairs as an obstacle and makes it easier if you need to pop upstairs independently. You need to think about your wants and requirements and our technicians can also help you with this. You’ll want to think firstly about your stairs. If you have curved stairs for example then you will need a specialised curved stairlift. These stairlifts are cleverly designed to navigate the curvature of your staircase and these are a necessity for curved stairlifts. For straight stairlifts, there are also a number of styles available which can match your requirements. The Stannah range is built to be highly reliable, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and built for long term value. They are also constructed here in the UK to our exceptionally high standards. The type of stairlift that you need differs on the rail that is required as well as the type of stairlift that we discussed. You also have your payment options that you will need to consider.

Purchasing Your New Stairlift in Bolton

Purchasing your stairlift is a great way to install a long lasting stairlift that is yours to own. Purchasing a stairlift is a permanent installation so is appropriate for homes in which you know that a stairlift is required. Purchasing a stairlift is an investment that returns a lot of your independence in the home as well as having a permanent stairlift installed. With the variety of Stannah Stairlifts that are available, purchasing a stairlift is a great way to find a stairlift that is perfect for your requirements. Your stairlift is also packed full of additional features including safety and comfort features to ensure that you have the utmost safety and comfort when operating your stairlift.

What Is a Reconditioned Stairlift?

Stannah Stairlifts Bolton

A reconditioned stairlift is a stairlift that has been reconditioned after being used and is therefore less of an investment than a brand new Stannah Stairlift. Saying this, our reconditioned stairlifts are vigorously tested and are not ready for installation until they receive the Stannah reconditioned badge. This assures our customers that we have fully tested your reconditioned stairlift and it is reconditioned to the high standards that you would expect from our installers and technicians. It’s important to remember that reconditioned stairlifts are often not offered for curved stairs as these installations are often more bespoke and will need specific dimensions to be taken into account. Our Affordable Mobility standards and assurances are below:

  • Rigorous 42 point check to ensure perfect working order
  • Upgraded where necessary to meet current safety and technical specifications
  • New batteries supplied as standard
  • Unique serial number for all reconditioned stairlifts to verify full history
  • Complies with British safety standards
  • Installation by trained Stannah engineers
  • Comprehensive 12-month guarantee
  • 24 hour, 365 day service support available from locally based engineer
  • Full product documentation
  • Should I Rent a Stairlift?

As we mentioned, you may be recovering from surgery or have a temporary injury which is prohibiting you from using the stairs independently. You may also may be uncertain that you require a permanent stairlift installation so you wish to rent a stairlift first and then purchase a stairlift after you have found the style of stairlift that you enjoy using. Stairlift rentals are also ideal for those who wish to or find it more appropriate to pay for their stairlift in monthly instalments rather than paying for the complete stairlift. At Affordable Mobility, we also handle the servicing for you, so you do not have to pay for the servicing of your stairlift. As stairlifts are connected to the stairs they are also simple to install and uninstall from the rail. As soon as you do not require your stairlift anymore then you can arrange for your stairlift to be removed and this can be anywhere from a few months after you arrange your rental to many years! If you do also find that you enjoy your rental stairlift then you can also arrange to purchase it from Affordable Mobility and we can arrange a cost that suits both parties perfectly. You should definitely consider renting a stairlift if you are unsure as to whether you need to purchase a stairlift or if you want a monthly payment of your stairlift rather than paying in one payment.

Tips to Maintaining Your Stairlift

If you are concerned about maintaining your stairlift then we have some tips on how to maintain your stairlift. Making sure that your rails are clear is an important step in maintaining your stairlift. Keep an eye out for objects that could block the rail as this could damage your stairlift. Clean the rail once a week by wiping or using some polish. AVOID using water or scrubbing the rail as this can cause serious damage to the stairlift. Keep an eye on the starlit itself. If it is starting to make loud noises then this means that there could be an issue. If there’s a slow moving start when you operate your stairlift then there’s a chance there could be an issue with the motor or battery. If you hear beeping when the stairlift is in motion then you need to arrange a service of your stairlift. Usually stairlift servicing is carried out yearly but regular servicing is important to ensure that your stairlift is in working order and that there are no underlying issues. Similarly to a vehicle, the motors and battery that operates in your stairlift are working consistently so they may encounter some issues over time. Ensuring that your stairlift has regular servicing can look after your stairlift and ensure that everything is in working order.

Arrange For Your Stairlift Installation in Bolton Today

Stairlifts Near Me Bolton

Now that you have heard about the benefits of purchasing a stairlift, the types of stairlift that are available and the installation / payment options that are available then it’s time to consider installing your stairlift. If you are having difficulties with accessing the stairs then a stairlift is an ideal consideration. The technicians are highly qualified and have installed our Stannah Stairlifts for many years. Arrange for a no obligation quotation and arrange for our technicians to take measurements of your stairlift and suggest the style and type of stairlift by filling in a contact form on our website. If you are looking for stairlifts in Bolton or stairlifts near me in Bolton then ensure that you contact Affordable Mobility today online or by telephoning our friendly team of installers directly now on: 0800 084 3283.

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