Renting A Stairlift


There are many reasons why you may want to Rent a Stairlift rather than buy.

At Affordable Mobility we have many years experience in this field and we are able to offer our own rental schemes which enables you to have all the benefits of a new or refurbished Stannah stairlift, whilst paying for it one month at a time.

We offer rental on straight stairlifts, and you do not need to worry about servicing costs as we take care of that.

You may only need it for a short period of time due to an accident

You may find the cost easier to manage

There could be many other personal reasons why renting is better for you.

The survey is still FREE and we will discuss with you your full requirements just the same as if you were buying a new Stairlift from us.

Stannah Stairlift Rental Manchester
Choosing A Stairlift

Monthly Rentals


You can rent a stairlift on a month by month basis, be it for 1 month or 5 years, the choice is yours and when the time is right we will remove the rental Stairlift at a convenient time to suit you.

However, should you decide to change your mind and decide to keep the Stairlift we can accommodate your requests and would then come to an agreement which would suit both parties to purchase it.

So if you would like to Rent a Stairlift call 0120 044 4254 for more information and our Stannah Dealer Stairlift team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.