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Beating the stairs with a stair lift 

Stairlifts WiganIf you’re experiencing growing difficulties with getting up the stairs, don’t worry – you’re not alone. For many people around the UK, climbing the stairs can become a bit of a difficult task, and before you know it, it becomes a problem you try to avoid. The team here at Affordable Mobility talk to people every day who have growing concerns about climbing the stairs each and every day. So, if you’re searching for stairlifts Wigan, it might be time to consider a suitable stair lift that can help you win your battle against the stairs.

Our team of friendly engineers regularly visit homes for stair lift servicing and the odd repair and find that the long-term benefits of using Stannah stair lifts have helped people overcome one of the most difficult obstacles in their lives. Overcoming any difficulties you may be having when climbing the stairs can only be addressed when you’re aware that you’re having a problem climbing to the top.

In this article, we take a look at some of the signs that climbing the stairs has become a challenge and that maybe it’s time to take action so you can feel confident on the stairs once again. For all stair lift Wigan enquiries please get in touch with our friendly team of authorised Stannah stair lift providers today on 01200 444254.

Are you finding odd ways to get yourself upstairs?

Previously getting upstairs was a basic task that required very little thought. Are you now finding yourself having to think of clever ways to get up and down the stairs that may be putting your health at risk? For example, if you are attempting to climb the stairs on all fours or are heavily relying on the handrail/bannister to get to the top – this could potentially be putting you in more danger. 

In our experience of providing stairlifts Wigan, many people have struggled with the stairs because they have become too steep – making them tired and breathless after each climb. Remember, you are not alone. The battle you are having with the stairs is not uncommon and we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Does using the stairs affect your energy levels throughout the day?


When we speak to our customers to see how they are getting on with their stair lifts, many of them have more energy and time throughout the day to do the things they love. At Affordable Mobility, all of our stairlifts Wigan are installed with the aim of giving you peace of mind when it comes to taking the stairs.

Is your family worried about you taking the stairs?

Is your family regularly voicing their concerns over you safely travelling up and down the stairs? Maybe your children or grandchildren are offering to help you up, or are worried about you climbing the stairs when they’re not around. This could be a sign regarding your safety which may indicate it is time to consider stairlifts Wigan.

How can I safely beat the stairs?

At Affordable Mobility, we’re here with you every step of the way. We want to ensure your journey up and down the stairs is a safe one. By installing a stair lift in your home, you can continue to focus on the things you love and avoid the worry that comes with tackling the stairs alone.

Types of Stairlift Options that are Available

The February edition of our stairlift blog discusses the ways in which you can acquire and install your stairlift as well as the options that are available.

stannah stairlifts retailer North West UKThere’s many different options that you have available to you when you considering the installation of your stairlift. Although it may seem quite confusing as to which option is appropriate, your requirements largely choose the type and installation options of stairlift that are ideal to your requirements. Whether you will need a temporary stairlift or a more permanent installation is due to your requirements and this can also affect the purchasing or rental option that you choose for your stairlift. At Affordable Mobility, we offer a wide range of Stannah stairlifts in Wigan as well as different options as to how you can install your stairlift; including stairlift rentals, purchasing a new stairlift or a reconditioned starlit for your home. You may require different options as a rental may be better than purchasing an installing your new stairlift for example. Whichever reason as to why you require a new stairlift or reconditioned stairlift, we will work closely with you to ensure that you can find the perfect stairlift for your requirements. So which options are available and how they may be appropriate?

Renting a Stairlift in Wigan

Renting a stairlift is often more suitable for temporary installations as a temporary illness or injury may be making it difficult for you to climb the stairs. Stairlift rental is also a great option to manage monthly payments and can allow you to enjoy the use of a stairlift without having to pay for your stairlift upfront in one payment. We will also handle the servicing of your rental stairlift for you so that you do not have to worry about arranging for the servicing of your stairlift should this be required. Whether you need your rented stairlift for a few days or for a few years, we can supply you with a stairlift rental to ensure that you can use a stairlift to be more mobile in your home and to keep your independence.

Purchasing a Reconditioned Stairlift

A reconditioned stairlift is a way in which you can purchase a reconditioned starlit for less than in comparison to a new stairlift. This allows you to install a high-quality stairlift without having to purchase a new stairlift. This is a great option to opt for if you don’t wish to make the full investment for a new stairlift but still feel that you can benefit from purchasing a stairlift for your home. Our reconditioned stairlifts are also rigorously tested with a 42 point check to ensure that they are perfect working order as well as being offered with a comprehensive 12 month guarantee for your peace of mind.

Installing a New Stairlift in Wigan

Choosing to purchase and install a new stairlift in Wigan is the final payment option that you have available and this allows for you to purchase a brand new stairlift for your home. Properties with curved stairs especially benefit from purchasing a new Stannah stairlift as the curvature of the staircase requires a bespoke fitting to be carried out. Whichever options for your property or your personal requirements that are required are covered by our stairlift purchase options and installation services. Enquire with our technicians today to find out more about the ways in which you can install a stairlift for your property and the installation options that are available.

Stairlifts Wigan

Stannah Stairlift Suppliers WiganFor all ‘stairlifts Wigan’ enquiries, you can pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly consultants today on 01200 444254. You can voice your concerns about taking the stairs and we can help find the best stair lift based on your needs and the type of stairs you have. You can choose from a wide range of designs and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. You can find more information on our Stannah stairlifts wigan page and explore the range of stair lifts available.

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