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Stairlifts in Accrington With Affordable Mobility

Are you finding it difficult to navigate around your home and struggling to climb the stairs? You may find a stairlift to be the perfect solution.

Here at Affordable Mobility, we are an approved Stannah dealer and we are completely committed to offering the best service and highest-quality stairlifts to our customers.

We completely understand the difficulties that you are faced with when trying to stay mobile and our Stannah stairlifts are designed to restore your independence in your home.

To find out more about the range of stairlifts in Accrington we provide, get in contact with our friendly team today on 01254 368616. We’ll be able to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation and give you any advice you may need.

Choosing the Best Stairlift For You

All staircases will be different. That’s why we provide various types of stairlifts, to reflect the requirements of your property.

The most common type of stairlift is the straight stairlift. The straight stairlift will go directly up and down and have no bend or curve in the rail. These are available in silver and bronze and are manufactured from aluminium.

Also available are curved stairlifts. These require a more bespoke approach and will be custom made for every home and staircase. Curved stairlifts can also be used to reach various floors in your home.

Every stairlift we provide will also come with a 2-year warranty and include a 5-year motor gearbox warranty.

Stairlift Installation – Your Options

Here at Affordable Mobility, it’s important to us that the stairlift we provide completely fits your requirements. This isn’t just dependent on your staircase type, either. As we understand that a wide variety of reasons may cause you to need a stairlift.

A stairlift doesn’t have to be a permanent addition to your home. We can provide temporary options, for if you’ve had an operation, an injury or simply have an illness or condition which means you have reduced mobility and struggle with climbing the stairs.

Many of our customers don’t opt for a stairlift as a ‘last resort’, they simply choose one to help them regain their independence and freedom. No longer do they have to ask for assistance, nor do they have the relocate rooms downstairs or relocate altogether.

Stairlifts Installation – Our Process in Accrington

Not only do we take great pride in the products we sell, either. We see it just as important that you are provided with an outstanding installation process. Therefore, from the moment you contact us here at Affordable Mobility, we’ll ensure that you are provided with the best service.

When you first call us, we’ll simply ask you a few questions about your home, your staircase and your situation. This will help us understand your personal needs and how we can help you.

Then, we’ll arrange for one of our experts to visit your home at a time that suits you, to answer any further questions you may have and take measurements of your staircase. These measurements will allow us to assess the type of rail you’ll need and if any further preparatory work will be needed before your stairlift is installed. All this information will allow us to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Then, you’ll be able to decide in your own time whether you’d like to make an order with us.

Once you make your order, we’ll ask for a deposit and your order will be put into production. We will also work with you to arrange an installation date best for you.

Straight stairlifts are usually ready within 24 hours, whereas curved stairlifts can take a little longer, up to 10 days, but the design you receive will fit your home perfectly.

Then, your stairlift will be installed by our team of specialists, taking a maximum of a couple of hours. Very little mess will be created during this process and our team will cause minimal disruption whilst they’re in your home, cleaning up before they leave.

Find Out More About Our Stairlift in Accrington

If you would like to find out more about our stairlifts in Accrington or would like to arrange for a free, no-obligation quote, make sure to get in touch today using either our contact form or call us on 01782 450914.

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