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Stairlifts Barrow In Furness With Affordable Mobility 

Here at Affordable Mobility, we provide our customers with stairlifts that can help them regain independence, confidence and the ability to move freely around the home. A stairlift can change someone’s life as it can help people in a variety of tasks that would otherwise be extremely difficult without a stairlift present. 

We have installed a huge range of stairlifts for our loyal customers in Barrow In Furness and the areas surrounding. Our team works together with our customers, as it’s not just what we sell that we take care of. The way we deliver our service and our relationship with customers is equally as important to us. 

Affordable Mobility are Stannah Dealers who are extremely proud of the quality of craftsmanship and quality that goes into every Stannah stairlift. When we install your new Stannah stairlift, we always pay attention to even the smallest detail and will always complete the installation in a professional yet friendly manner. 

Our team here at Affordable Mobility have combined experience of 37 years in, installing, serving and repairing Stannah stairlifts. We are accredited with the Stannah Certificate of Excellence, a scheme which certifies our engineers to install all Stannah stairlifts to the highest of standards that are required by Stannah. 

If you would like more information on installing a Stannah stairlift in Barrown In Furness please contact our team of consultants. Our team will help you choose the perfect stairlift for your needs and your home. Call us today on 0800 086 1869

Our Installation Process

Installation of your stairlift will usually take up to a few hours to install and will leave little to no mess. Many people do not realise but the stairlift is actually attached to the steps of the staircase and not the wall! This also means that removal will be extremely easy. 

Our team will guide you through how to use all of the features of your stairlift and will not leave until you are 100% confident and happy in safely using your newly installed stairlift. All of our stairlifts come with a two-year warranty and a 24/7 customer care team who is always on hand to answer any questions that you may have. 

The Assessment Process 

Our team will talk to you to help understand your requirements, then will take the time to measure your staircase and assess the type of rail. Our team will then sit down with you to give you all the information you need as well as talk you through your options, this will be the time where you are able to choose your features too. 

After the team has precisely measured your staircase and offered the best solution to you, our team will then be able to offer you a no-obligation quotation, and then in your own time, you can choose if you want to proceed. The price that we quote will be the price we pay, with no hidden extras. 

No Obligation Quotation 

At Affordable Mobility arranging your no-obligation quotation couldn’t be easier! Our team will advise you on the type of stairlift that may be required as well as take all of the measurements that are needed to recommend a stairlift that will perfectly suit your needs and fit perfectly in your home.

Soon after you install a stairlift in your property you will discover the freedom of being able to move freely throughout the entirety of your home. Going up the stairs will no longer be a challenge and you will regain independence in your home. Enquire today at Affordable Mobility to further discuss your requirements and for your free quote. 


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