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Stairlifts Keighley

Stairlifts in Keighley With Affordable Mobility

Don’t let your staircase become a struggle. Make life that bit easier, by choosing a Stannah stairlift in Keighley from Affordable Mobility.

Here at Affordable Mobility, we are a Stannah authorised dealer and pride ourselves on the attention to detail and quality of workmanship we provide with every stairlift we install. Each is completed with a friendly and professional manner and we will treat you and your home with the respect we would expect ourselves.

We understand the frustration you feel as a result of limited mobility, that’s why we are dedicated to providing you with the stairlift you need.

To find out more about our stairlifts in Keighley, make sure to get in touch today either by enquiring online, or calling our friendly consultants on 0800 046 1623.

Do You Require a Stairlift?

No matter whether you’ve sustained an injury, condition or illness, a stairlift can be an excellent way to take the struggle out of climbing your stairs and allow you to regain your confidence.

Having a staircase does not mean you’re ‘getting older’ or that you’re becoming any less of the person you used to be. 

We’ll make sure that the stairlift you receive fits your requirements exactly, so we’ll ask you a few questions about your needs as well as the shape of your staircase. This will allow us to choose the right rail shape and understand your situation further.

During this call, we’ll also take the time to chat with you, and answer any questions you may have and arrange for one of our team members to visit your home.

The Stairlifts We Provide in Keighley

Here at Affordable Mobility, we provide various types of stairlifts in Keighley, including:

Straight Stairlifts, which are the most common type of stairlift that we install into people’s homes. These simply go up and down and do not have any turns, landings or curves in the rail.

Curved stairlifts can encompass a variety of designs, from spiral to fanned or half or quarter landings. These will be made bespoke to the staircase in your home, due to the individual nature of curved staircases, and can access various floors of your home.

We also offer rented stairlifts, as a more fitting and cost-effective solution. We will simply require an initial payment to cover the installation and removal of the staircase and then this will be followed by a monthly fee for the period of which you need it.

If you are looking for a more long-term, yet still cost-effective solution, we can also provide you with a reconditioned Stannah stairlift, which comes with a 12-month guarantee. These are still available with both straight and curved rails so can fit in a variety of homes. Our reconditioned stairlifts also go through a rigorous 42-point check to ensure they’re in full working order, for your peace of mind.

Our Installation Process

When you choose us to install a stairlift in Keighley, we’ll only take a few hours and leave little to no mess. What’s more, thanks to our expert level of installation, we will simply attach the stairlift to your stairs as opposed to the wall, meaning no major work needs to be done to your home. Your stairlift will also be extremely easy to remove due to this.

Once fully installed, our team will also take the time to ensure you’re happy with how it works and all of its features. We’ll also make sure you have the phone number of our 24/7 customer care team, just for added peace of mind.

Stairlifts in Keighley

As a company, it is important to us that we provide you with a high-quality stairlift that’ll change your life and help you with a wide variety of tasks which would otherwise, without a stairlift, be extremely difficult.

We are trusted by many and one of the first stairlift companies in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Stannah Certificate of Excellence, which certifies that our team of engineers will install your stairlift in line with Stannah’s stringent standards. Very few companies meet this specification. 

So, to arrange your free, no-obligation quotation, and consultation in your Keighley home, either contact us online or on 0800 046 1623.

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