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Stairlifts Buying Guide

Stairlifts Buying Guide Presented by Affordable MobilityPurchasing a stairlift shouldn’t be a stressful process and at Affordable Mobility, we aim to make choosing and installing your process as easy and stress-free as possible. As purchasing a stairlift is designed to help you in accessing the upper areas of your property, you will naturally want the selection process and installation process to be as smooth as possible. Affordable Mobility has been offering Stannah stairlifts in Preston and the surrounding areas [...]


Stairlifts Preston

Finding it difficult to navigate the stairs can be a problem, especially if you only have an upstairs bathroom. Relying on travelling upstairs multiple times every day can become quite the chore. There’s no need to worry, or panic, as a smart investment into a reliable and affordable stair lift will allow you to maintain complete freedom and independence without the hassle of having to look for a new home. At Affordable Mobility, our stair lift experts are here [...]


Installing a Stairlift

Installing a Stairlift Discussed by Affordable MobilityWhen considering a new stairlift for their property, a very common question that a lot of people ask is “will I benefit from a stairlift?” Your stairlift is designed to ensure that your staircase is no longer an obstacle and that you are able to access the stairs easily. When the stairs become an obstacle rather than a way to access other levels of your home, this can be frustrating and may make [...]