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Top 5 Accessible Attractions in the UK

Top 5 Accessible Attractions in the UK

Meet the Top 5 Accessible Destinations Leading the Way in Accessible Tourism!

Accessible Destinations


With one in 5 people in the UK living with a disability or health condition, it’s becoming more and more important for accessible destinations to exist in the UK. Luckily, there are many venues and event areas that are paving the way for accessible destinations to be the norm across the country. The tourism industry is a massive part of the economy – contributing over 66 billion pounds a year so there is no reason as to why this industry should not be adapting to help make their attractions more accessible to members of the public.


There are however, 5 highlighted destinations that have taken serious action to provide training and adapting facilities to ensure that they are accessible to members of the public. In this article, we take a look at these 5 locations as well as discuss how these destinations are leading the way in making Britain’s favourite tourist attractions more accessible.


The Roman Baths and Pump Room in Bath


Roman Baths


Being one of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe and especially in the UK, the Roman Baths offer a special insight into the public functions of citizens at the height of the Roman Empire. Being built around 60-70 AD with the bathing complex built up over the next 300 years, this is a well-preserved Roman site which was once used for public bathing.


The Grand Pump Room is a historic building adjacent to the Roman Baths and serves food and drink including water from the hot springs that supply the baths. This is one of the city’s most elegant places to enjoy stylish British cuisine. Open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea it is a great place to visit after visiting the Baths.


The Roman Baths site is 90% accessible to wheelchair users and for visiters that have visual or hearing impairments. The site uses British Sign Language and fully descriptive audio tours that are available and the site also offers information for visitors with claustrophobia and autism. Should limited access affect you then you are also permitted free entry for both wheelchair users and their cares to visit the main museum and Temple Precinct.


Mylor Sailing and Powerboat School in Cornwall


Mylor Harbour


Mylor Sailing and Powerboat School is situated in Mylor Yacht Harbour in Falmouth, Cornwall. Offering a wide range of large and versatile boats, the impressive aspect about this sailing and powerboat school is that they also include accessible and adapted boats in their fleet. Ages 6 – 96 are welcome and there are scheduled sessions for members of the public with any kind of physical disability, impairment or learning disability. Their fleet includes accessible sailing boats as well as accessible powerboats which are fantastic for anyone with physical disabilities including wheelchair users and people with learning disabilities and mobility problems.


Cottage in the Dales in Newbiggin


Yorkshire Dales


Situated in the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales, the Dairy from Cottage in the Dales was the first tourist accommodation in the Yorkshire Dales to provide guests with accessibility support for guests that have visual, hearing and mobility requirements. The difficulty that they faced was that many luxury guest accommodation is unsuitable for guests with accessibility requirements and didn’t appeal to able-bodied guests due to a ‘clinical feel.’  An extensive project was therefore carried out to make this cottage fully accessible to guests with accessibility requirements and also warmly welcomes guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs. However, pets are not permitted.


Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool




Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool is the UK’s largest indoor waterpark, offering more than 18 rides and attractions to their customers. Offering a wide range of different areas as well as fun days for children and birthday parties, this waterpark is an ideal destination for anyone looking to enjoy some fun in the water around Blackpool. Leisure businesses are leading the way in which their facilities are enjoyed by disabled people with Sandcastle Waterpark being a prime example. The waterpark offers a wide range of services and facilities for guests with hearing impairment, autism, vision impairments, mobility impairments and has a wide of accessible facilities.


Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax




Established in 1992, Eureka! The Nation Children’s Museum in Halifax was the first children’s museum in the UK. The museum offers a wide range of interactive exhibits which explore sound, the digital world and how it operates as well as how domestic life operates on a day-to-day basis. The Museum was named one of Britain’s most accessible tourist attractions by tourist boards across the United Kingdom and essential carers are permitted free to the museum. This is yet another example of tourist attractions in the UK that are leading the way in accessibility for guests and members of the public across the UK.


It’s always been the case but is now more important than ever to be able to allow ease of access to anyone that accesses one of the many tourism destinations across the UK. It doesn’t matter about your age or any accessibly requirements that you may have, everyone has the right to enjoy a great day out at their favourite destinations.


Leave a comment if you’ve visited any of these destinations or have a destination that you have visited that has impressed you and made you feel comfortable in terms of accessibility!

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