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Choices When You Cannot Access the Stairs Discussed by Affordable Mobility

Stannah Stairlifts Knutsford

If you are finding it difficult or unsafe to climb your staircase then you may be thinking about all of the options that are available to you. We understand that it can be very frustrating when you cannot climb your staircase and this can lead to a sense of a lack of independence.

Affordable Mobility has offered a wide range of mobility aids and stairlifts for many years and are committed to helping our clients access their property and staircase easily and safely. In this article, we will discuss the various options that are available to you when you find that it is difficult or unsafe to access your staircase. If you are looking for stairlifts in Knutsford or Stannah stairlifts in Knutsford then enquire with Affordable Mobility using a contact form on our website or telephone now on: 0800 084 3207

Relocating Properties to a Bungalow

One of the first solutions you may consider when finding it difficult to climb the stairs is relocating to a property that does not have a staircase. This is ideally suited for some who have a range of issues that are preventing them from climbing the stairs as it makes it safer to generally access the home. This however is not an appropriate option for some as you may have resided in your original property for many years and do not want to move properties. You also may not be happy with such a considerable investment as to purchase a new property so you may be wondering what the alternative options are to purchasing a bungalow and moving property.

Relocating Your Bedroom to Another Room in Your Home

If you are not happy with moving to a different property, you may have considered relocating into a different room in your house. Moving your bedroom downstairs can help as you will be able to access the lower levels of your property without the risks of attempting to climb your staircase or needing to be assisted when climbing the stairs. Again this may not be ideally suited for everyone. If you do not have a lavatory in the lower floor of your property for example then you will still need to be able to access the stairs when you need to pop to the loo. If you do not want to relocate your bedroom then a stairlift is most likely the ideal solution.

Renting a Stairlift to Help You Access the Stairs

Purchasing a stairlift is a significant investment so some may not want to go and purchase a brand new Stannah stairlift straight away. Renting a stairlift is the perfect way to see if a stairlift is ideally suited for you and to see how a stairlift can completely change your lifestyle for the better. When renting a stairlift with Affordable Mobility, you choose how long you want to rent your stairlift with affordable monthly payments and we handle the servicing of your stairlift. If you want to have your stairlift removed at anytime then we can arrange to come and remove your stairlift. The rental option of your stairlift is also ideally suited for those with temporary injuries or illnesses that are preventing the ease of access to your staircase.

Purchasing a Stairlift for Your Property

Purchasing a stairlift is another option which is viable for those who know that they will benefit from a stairlift and want to choose from all of the various additional features that are included with your own stairlift. Purchasing a stairlift allows you to safely access your staircase and allows you to take back your independence and enjoy the better things in life. There are also a variety of safety options that you can choose with your stairlift to make operating your stairlift easier. All of our stairlifts are placed into order should you decide to purchase a stairlift and this means that your stairlift will be bespoke to your exact requirements.

Find out More About our Stairlifts in Knutsford Today

Stairlifts Knutsford

We offer a wide range of reconditioned stairlifts as well as new stairlifts in Knutsford. If you find that you cannot access your staircase easily or safely then a stairlift may be the ideal solution for you. As many find that making significant lifestyle changes is not viable or practical, a stairlift is often the preferred solution to access your stairs. If you are looking for stairlifts in Knutsford or stairlifts near me in Knutsford then enquire with Affordable Mobility using a contact form on our website or telephone now on: 0800 084 3207

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